Postet på Wix-plattformen 2. feb. 2020 av Hege Dalen

Arktisk sjamansirkel vil bidra til å få lovmessige rettigheter for fjell, elver innsjøer og skoger for å sikre Moder Jord.

– Vi arbeider for å styrke rettighetene for Moder Jord. Erena Rangimarie Rhose er valgt ut til å sitte i FN-komitéen for Harmonizing Mother Earth.
– Vi holder seremonier og ritualer for viktige landskap som er truet.
– Vi krever at Aahkansnjurtjie/Kjerringtinden skal bevares som hellig fjell.

«It now becomes our responsibility and duty to all respective peoples and humanity as a whole, as part of Mother Earth and her Nature to bring into effect a new system of policymaking for First Nations, to conduct itself in harmony with Mother Earth and Nature’s Law of protection and Peace. Let us please come together, unite and take up the call to uphold the future of 10 generations of a new world that respects all of life on Mother Earth in Love and Peace.»

Erena shares with us her cultural concept of the earth as Mother and the cosmology and creation stories of her Maori heritage. She tells of the twelve universes of creation, and how we connect back through all of them to the beginning of everything. She names the gods and ancestors that make up the living world around us. She speaks of the lived experience of connection to nature at the deepest levels of being.

Erena shares her understanding that all is love, that we are born only from love and tells how we can remember and reconnect to this source of love that we are and that we come from. She speaks about the pressing need to acknowledge, love and honour our mother the earth – and all mothers – and why we must even learn to love plastic and return it to its proper place.

She speaks about the situation in New Zealand and how the people there are beginning to turn back to the land, human rights being awarded to the River Whanganui, and the healing happening within Maori communities and with non-Maori New Zealanders.

Finally, Erena explains what exactly happens when indigenous elders from around the globe gather in one room, why these elders are gathering now and how the earth is working with us and through us all to heal herself.